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At our specialized grooming facility, we offer a full range of spa services.  From natural shampoo and skin treatments to creative and unique hairstyles that will achieve a one of a kind experience for your pet & lifestyle. We carry a diverse selection of shampoos & conditioners, and hand-select the best product for your pet based on their coat & skin type, to achieve superior results.



All services below include Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

Final pricing is dependent on dog's size, temperament & length and/or condition of coat  (Matting, Fleas & Second Undercoat, etc.)

Small 5-25lbs  •  Med 25-45lbs  •  Large 45-65lbs  •  Extra-Large Over 65lbs



S - start at $70

M - start at $80

L - start at $90

XL - start at $100


Call for Pricing


Short Hair Dogs

S- start at $35

M - start at $45

L - start at $50

XL - starting at $55


Long Hair Dogs

S - start at $45
M - start at $55
L - start at $60
XL - start at $65


Face, Feet & Hiney

S - start at $55
M - start at $65
L - start at $75
XL - start at $85


Brushing the Fur

Spa Bath

Argan oil with vitamin E clarifying shampoo will keep the coat soft, shiny and super clean with the finest environmentally friendly ingredients that soothe and protect. Made from an advanced, scientifically proven formula that harnesses the latest technology. It helps protect your pet's coat, keeping it beautiful and healthy year-round.

No parabens. No phthalates. No animal ingredients.

It contains vitamins for body & thickness. Intense cleaning power that adds moisture. As well as Vegetable proteins, keratin amino acids and PH level detoxifier with charcoal.

S/M - $5

L/XL - $10

Specialty Options

Fur Coloring                               Full Body Mohawk

S/M - $20                                    S - $10          

L/XL - $30                                   M - $15

                                                    L - $20

Feather Extension                     XL - $25              


Undercoat Control Deshedding/Furminating Shampoo

The natural de-shedding solution Aids to loosen undercoat and combat shedding by adding strength to the hair root. Give hair a fresh start by deeply cleaning, purifying, conditioning, deodorizing while promoting healthy skin & coat.

S/M - $5

L/XL - $10

Oatmeal Bath

It is crafted with colloidal oatmeal to moisturize and relieve dry, itchy skin. Achieves a proper clean while replenishing and conditioning the skin and coat leaving it soft and silky

S/M - $5

L/XL - $10

Flea Bath

Eliminates fleas & ticks on contact. It repels fleas for up to 7 days. With a natural essential blend containing some of nature’s most powerful pest fighting ingredients. Powerful and effective yet safe enough for routine baths.

S/M - $10

L/XL - $15

Neem Shampoo

It is crafted for intense skin relief, repair and rejuvenation. It is the perfect complement to your flee and tick regiment. Neem Oil is the natural choice for preventing infestations. Works well as an antimicrobial and anti-fungal.

S/M - $5

L/XL - $10

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